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    Cadet makes bully sticks, rawhide, natural chews, and premium dog treats with responsibly sourced ingredients to keep dogs healthy and satisfied.

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    Discover Cadet's wide offering of dog treats, including bully sticks, rawhide, premium treats, natural bones, and other premium-quality dog chews.

  • Bully Sticks

    A single-ingredient dog treat, Cadet's bully sticks are slow-roasted for maximum flavor. These long-lasting chews keep dogs entertained and promote dental health.

  • Natural Chews

    Cadet's line of natural dog chews have the savory, wholesome flavors and ingredients that dogs crave.

  • Premium Treats

    Cadet's premium dog treats are made with wholesome ingredients like chicken, duck, and sweet potato to provide a healthy snack for dogs.

  • Rawhide

    Cadet's rawhide chews are made of real beef for naturally delicious flavor and maximum entertainment. These long-lasting bones promote dental health and keep dogs busy.

  • About Us

    For over 30 years, IMS Pet has produced minimally processed, naturally delicious dog chews and treats to provide wholesome rewards for your dog.

  • FAQ

    Find answers for all your questions about bully sticks, rawhide for dogs, and how Cadet dog treats are made.

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