• Cadet Rawhide Munchy Bars

    Cadet Rawhide Munchy Bars are premium-quality dog treats are high-protein, low-fat rawhide chews that keep dogs busy and entertained.

  • Cadet Rawhide Donut

    Cadet Rawhide Donut bones for dogs are 100% real beef rawhide chews. The unique donut shape provides plenty of chewing fun for dogs who love to chew.

  • Cadet Beef Rib Bone for Dogs

    Our single-ingredient rib bone offers the naturally delicious taste that dogs crave. Satisfy your Cadet's with our beef rib bone for dogs!

  • Cadet Premium Grade Beef Hide Retriever Rolls, Peanut Butter-Basted

    Beef Hide Retriever Rolls are naturally delicious, wholesome rewards. Treat your dog to these long-lasting chews!

  • Cadet Beef Sticks for Dogs

    Cadet Beef Sticks for Dogs are single-ingredient dog treats made of beef esophagus. These natural treats are low in fat and high in protein.

  • Cadet Premium Grade Braided Beef Hide Holiday Cane

    The Braided Beef Hide Holiday Dog Cane is one of our best gifts for dogs who love to chew! This natural rawhide treat is made of premium-quality, 100% real beef hide sourced from the finest-quality cattle and offers tons of savory flavor your dog will crave.

  • Cadet Pork Hide Roll

    Cadet Pork Hide Rolls are single-ingredient, natural dog chews made from real pork hide. An easily digestible, delicious dog treat for aggressive chewers.

  • Cadet Premium Grade Holiday Cane Beefhide Kabob for Dog

    Cadet Holiday Cane Dog Kabob Treats are sure to make your dog merry this season with three irresistible, real flavors—chicken, chicken liver, and sweet potato. Treat your Cadet to these engaging rawhide chews that will brighten their holiday!

  • Premium Quality Natural Dog Treats | Cadet Pet

    Cadet makes bully sticks, rawhide, natural chews, and premium dog treats with responsibly sourced ingredients to keep dogs healthy and satisfied.

  • All Products

    Discover Cadet's wide offering of dog treats, including bully sticks, rawhide, premium treats, natural bones, and other premium-quality dog chews.

  • About Us | Cadet Pet

    For over 30 years, IMS Pet has produced minimally processed, naturally delicious dog chews and treats to provide wholesome rewards for your dog.

  • Why Cadet | Cadet Pet

    We at Cadet® believe the best natural dog treats and chews should be made from simple ingredients that are minimally processed and responsibly sourced.

  • FAQ | Cadet Pet

    Find answers for all your questions about bully sticks, rawhide for dogs, and how Cadet dog treats are made.

  • Where to Buy Cadet Dog Treats & Chews | Find a Retailer | Cadet Pet

    Use our locator tool to discover where you can find Cadet dog treats & chews online and in stores near you!

  • Natural Chews

    Cadet's line of natural dog chews have the savory, wholesome flavors and ingredients that dogs crave.

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