Most major retailers carry our products. You can click the Where to Buy button that appears below each product to view both online and local retailers that carry Cadet products near you. Additional where-to-buy information by state:

  • If you live in AZ, CA, CO, or NV, please call our distributor, Animal Supply, at 1-800-323-2963 to find out which stores in your area carry Cadet duck treats, bully sticks, and retrievers.
  • If you live in WI, IA, or IL, please check your local Blain’s Fleet & Farm stores for smaller sizes in Cadet duck treats, bully sticks, and retrievers.
  • If you live in IA, MN, ND, or WI, check your local Mills Fleet Farm stores for smaller sizes in Cadet duck treats, bully sticks, and retrievers.

There are 89 calories per ounce and 3,130 calories in 1 kg (2.2 lbs.). To get the most accurate calorie count for each piece, refer to our packaging.

There are 94 calories per ounce. To get the most accurate calorie count for each piece, weigh the piece in ounces and multiply that number by 94.
This recommendation is made for the purposes of proper, safe food-handling procedures and for good personal hygiene.
We do not use real peanuts in any of our products. This flavoring is artificial.
A pizzle refers to the penis of a bull (bully sticks) or boar (piggy sticks).
It is normal for a product to have an odor because it is a natural animal part.
If any chew product is laying out and has not been consumed after one week, it should be thrown away and replaced with a new chew.
We recommend that some of our products not be fed to small dogs or toy breeds because some safety issues have arisen regarding possible choking hazards. Dogs this small normally have a smaller esophagus and swallowing large pieces or a whole treat can result in a blockage of their windpipe.
We are a licensed manufacturer, importer, and distributor of products for canine consumption only; therefore, our licensing requires this labeling. Our products are safe for dogs to consume because they are inspected in the United States and their country of origin. The products are also reviewed by a regulatory agent before being released to the public.

Irradiation is a process in which the treats are exposed to low-dose gamma rays (like dental x-rays) for approximately 16 hours. Irradiation is used to guarantee that no microbial contamination, such as Salmonella or E. coli, exists in the treats to prevent serious illness in your pet.

All Cadet products have their country of origin prominently listed on the packaging, and all ingredients in that product are from its country of origin. For example, the Cadet Pig Ear treat is made in Germany, so all aspects of this product, including the pigs, are sourced from Germany. This applies to all our products.

Rest assured that your dog’s safety as well as your confidence in our products are of utmost importance to us. All our Chinese suppliers must adhere to stringent quality-control standards for every product that bears our company’s name. Our quality-control team visits these plants to ensure policies and procedures are in full compliance with our rigorous regulations. We have an ongoing testing program in place to further ensure the quality and safety of our products. Our shipments are also inspected and tested before any products can be shipped for distribution.

This question comes to our attention frequently, and we want to assure all consumers that we DO NOT at any time use formaldehyde in the processing of any of our products. Our rawhide is washed in a water and hydrogen peroxide solution to clean it. The batch is continuously tested throughout the cleaning process until it tests 0% for hydrogen peroxide. Only at that point is the rawhide used to produce the various products in our line.

Our facilities must adhere to strict quality-control standards and are regularly audited by federal and international organizations.

We have achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 Certification, Food and Drug Administration Food Safety Modernization Act (FDA FSMA) Compliance, and FDA Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Compliance.

These specifications demonstrate that our manufacturing processes and procedures are of the safest and highest quality. Discover more information about each of our food safety certifications.