We at Cadet® believe the best natural dog treats and chews should be made from simple ingredients that are minimally processed and responsibly sourced. That’s why we craft 100% beef rawhide chews, slow-roasted bully sticks, wholesome natural chews, and premium treats that reward dogs with a delicious chewing adventure and satisfy their innate urge to chew. Keeping your Cadet happy is our number-one priority!

Trusted for More Than 30 Years

Since 1987, Cadet has been dedicated to offering the tastiest, healthiest, and safest products for dogs everywhere. We’ve spent decades perfecting our chews and treats, and today offer hundreds of world-class products that keep dogs busy, promote a healthy lifestyle, and can help clean teeth through chewing action.

Carefully Inspected for Quality

All Cadet chews and treats undergo a rigorous inspection process at our approved laboratories to guarantee they meet our high standards. We also test products to ensure they adhere to United States FDA guidelines. Learn more about our food safety testing and certifications.

Long-Lasting Chewing Enjoyment

In addition to offering irresistible flavors dogs love, many Cadet chews such as bully sticks, pig ears, rawhide chews, and stuffed shin bones are a natural way to occupy your best friend and extend the chewing fun!

Consistent Greatness Pet Parents Expect

We’re pet parents ourselves and understand how frustrating it can be to receive products that are burnt, broken, unclean, or otherwise disappointing. Cadet items are checked for consistent quality so you can feed them to your dog with confidence!

#1 Retail Brand of Bully Sticks

Cadet is the largest importer of bully sticks in the United States. We provide real beef pizzle chews sourced from only the finest-quality cattle for a savory beef taste your dog craves.

Ingredients You Recognize

We responsibly source single or limited ingredients to offer naturally delicious, more sustainable dog treats and chews. Made with real animal parts and vegetables, Cadet products are minimally processed for a delicious reward you won’t feel guilty about giving your fur friend.

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