Cadet Bully Hide Sticks All-Natural Dog Chews

A New Frontier in All-Natural Dog Chews, Cadet Bully Hide Sticks combine premium beef hide with real bully stick, then seal them inside an all-natural beef wrapping for three times the flavor. With no artificial colors, fillers, flavors, or preservatives, each wholesome dog chew is oven-roasted to bring out the irresistible beef and bully flavor...with less odor! More digestible than traditional rawhide, these chew sticks are rich in collagen and help clean teeth as dogs chew. For long lasting enjoyment, give your furry friend these high protein dog chews with the savory flavor they crave.

  • Dog chew sticks feature premium beef hide and real bully stick wrapped in a 100% beef chew
  • More digestible than traditional rawhide, these long lasting dog chews keep dogs busy
  • Made from single origin grass-fed, free-range cattle
  • Healthy dog chews contain no artificial colors, fillers, flavors, or preservatives *Product color may vary due to the nature of this all-natural, minimally processed chew*
  • All Cadet chews and treats undergo a rigorous inspection process to guarantee they meet our high standards



Cadet Bully Hide - Small

UPC#: 768303705175

Beef Hide, Bull Pizzle, Beef Intestine

Crude Protein: Min 80%, Crude Fat: Min 0.5%, Crude Fat: Max 5%, Crude Fiber: Max 5%, Moisture: Max 15%

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