Beef Hide vs. Rawhide vs. Pork Hide

Want to finally learn the difference between beef hide vs. rawhide vs. pork hide? We’re here to teach you! 

The dog treats and chews aisle is full of tasty goodies to choose from. As you consider which items to pick up for your furry friend, you may find yourself asking “Is beef hide the same as rawhide?” or “Wait, pork hide exists, too?” While their names sound quite similar and they often look alike, all three flavorful options do vary from one another.

Let’s dive into the differences between these natural dog chews to simplify your next shopping experience.


What is Beef Hide?

Beef hide is a premium type of rawhide made specifically from the inner layer of cattle skin. High in protein and low in fat, beef hide dog chews are long lasting and provide a wholesome chewing experience. They also support dog dental health by helping to clean teeth and gums as your furry friend chews.

Single-ingredient beef hide products such as our Beef Hide Knotted Bones offer a savory, natural beef flavor and contain no added colors, fillers, or flavors.


What is Rawhide?

Dog with rawhide

Rawhide is dehydrated animal skin that has not been exposed to tanning. The difference between beef hide and rawhide is that rawhide does not have to be made from cattle skin. Rawhide can also be made from the skin of horses, buffalo, or other animals.

Like beef hide, rawhide for dogs is made from the inner layer of skin. These natural, long-lasting chews offer satisfyingly delicious entertainment and keep dogs busy. beef hide the same as rawhide? Sort of! Beef hide is rawhide—but rawhide is not always beef hide.

Check out our detailed guide on everything you need to know about rawhide.


What is Pork Hide?

Pork hide is rawhide made from the inner layer of pig skin. Simple, right? Very similar to beef hide products, pork hide dog chews such as our Pork Hide Roll Twists are long lasting and often deliver hours of enjoyment. They promote healthy teeth and gums as your dog chews while containing natural flavor throughout.

All in all, they are just made from a different mammal!


They’re All Great Choices!

There is no clear winner when it comes to beef hide vs. rawhide vs. pork hide. It simply depends on whichever treat your dog likes most—and they’ll enjoy all three! Each of these long-lasting dog chews satisfies pups’ natural chewing instinct and contains irresistible flavor. Some chews, like our assorted Beef Hide Retriever Rolls, even feature extra-enticing flavors such as chicken or peanut butter.

Whether you reach for just one of these options or decide to pick up a variety of natural dog chews next time you shop, your Cadet will love you for it! 

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