Are Pig Ears Good for Dogs? 7 Reasons to Love ‘Em

As you browse the vast variety of natural dog chews in hopes to find your dog’s next favorite, you may be wondering “are pig ears good for dogs?” Between their naturally porky taste, satisfyingly tough texture, and range of nutritional benefits, pig ears are a delicious and wholesome chewing option for dogs. In fact, there are many reasons you will like giving them to your dog, too!

Reason #1: Just a Single Protein Source

Pig ears are made of just that: pig ears. This means no artificial fillers, additives, or chemicals of any sort. This is not only a perk for pet parents who generally strive to avoid mystery ingredients; it is also beneficial for dogs who have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients.

If your dog enjoys pork, they will likely love pig ears.

Reason #2: Wholesome and Nutritious

When you think pork, you may think fatty meat—but pig ears are in fact composed of cartilage. Within this cartilage, you can find naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These beneficial substances are known to help support hip and joint health while increasing mobility.

Pig ears are also a natural source of protein, which provides essential amino acids that support overall wellness.

Reason #3: A Lower Odor Natural Chew

With their rich, porky flavor, pig ears are sure to capture your dog’s nose—but that doesn’t mean they will capture yours, too. Pig ears are relatively low in odor, especially in comparison to other natural chews!

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Reason #4: Great for Many Chewing Styles

Pig ears are firm enough to provide long-lasting chewing enjoyment, but they aren’t as thick or tough as other natural chews such as shin bones or beef hide. This makes them a great choice for dogs who may have lighter chewing styles, including senior dogs. As always, make sure your dog falls within the recommended weight guidelines listed on the package before giving them a new natural chew.

Reason #5: Cadet® Pig Ears Are Treated with Irradiation

Our responsibly sourced pig ears are treated with irradiation, which is a process that exposes the chew to low-dose gamma rays (similar to dental x-rays). It’s used to guarantee there is no microbial contamination such as salmonella or E. coli present. This process follows FDA food irradiation regulations and is commonly used in human food safety and animal feed safety, so you can rest assured our pig ears are safe for dogs.

Reason #6: Dental Health Perks

Between pig ears’ firm texture and your dog’s chewing action, enjoying a pig ear is a sneaky way for your dog to help support their dental health! As your dog chews, it helps reduce tartar and plaque—the culprits of bad breath. In other words, the more your dog chews, the more they are contributing to cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

Reason #7: Naturally Delicious

It’s simple: pig ears taste good to dogs! Made of 100% real pork, these long-lasting chews are oven roasted to bring out that savory, meaty flavor dogs love. They feature an enticing texture and are perfect for keeping dogs occupied, engaged, and happy for longer.

While they may not be the typical bone you’re accustomed to seeing, pig ears are good for dogs because of their irresistible natural flavor and variety of benefits. Plus, they truly satisfy dogs’ cravings! As you explore other natural chews, your furry friend may also love cow ears!

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