5 Reasons to Choose Natural Dog Chews

Pet parents have more options than ever before for rewarding and occupying their furry family members. However, some of the best chews have existed for thousands of years! Bones, liverand other natural animal parts provide a variety of nutritional, dental, and mental benefits for dogs—just as they’ve done ever since canines first roamed the Earth. Here’s how natural dog chews can help your Cadet feel their best.

1. They Only Contain the Healthiest Ingredients

Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet filled with nutrients and minerals. Natural chews offer our furry friends many of these essential substances. Beef bones are rich in calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that are crucial to muscle and bone development. Similarly, real beef chews contain high levels of protein that support the immune system, coat, skin, muscles, and bones.

In addition to providing wholesome sources of nourishment, many natural dog chews are free of preservatives and mystery ingredients. Single-ingredient chews like cow ears are particularly healthy, as they are 100% natural and do not generally include artificial additives. These real animal parts are a great way to supplement a balanced, healthy dog diet without making you worry about what’s inside. Plus, we responsibly source ingredients to offer a more sustainable dog treat or chew that's gentler on our planet!

2. They’re Great for Dental Health

Healthy dog chews like rawhide are a great complement to your pup’s dental routine. These durable chews naturally scrape away plaque and tartar during chew time to help clean teeth and freshen breath. Rawhide can even give those hard-to-reach molars in the back of your dog’s mouth some extra scrubbing to help them shine!

Although natural chews should not replace regular brushing, they can help make teeth cleaning easy. Chewing on these real animal parts offers an entertaining, stress-free activity for dogs while still providing essential dental benefits. As PetMD points out, periodontal disease is one of the most common canine ailments, so every bit of oral care makes a difference. Just a few minutes of fun chewing each day is all it takes to start removing excess food particles.

3. They’re Great for Training and Bonding

Tasty animal-sourced chews contain healthy ingredients for delicious, guilt-free rewards. A range of natural treats contain real meat, which can help you easily capture your pup’s attention. Just imagine how useful these enticing snacks can be when house breaking or teaching a new trick.

Training sessions are great opportunities to work on your bond together, and real animal parts can help enhance the happiness and excitement your dog feels when spending this quality time with you. There’s nothing better than making your Cadet smile with a naturally delicious chew!

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4. They Encourage Healthy Behavior

Chewing helps dogs learn about their environment, cope with stress, manage boredom, and more. Long-lasting natural chews meet these needs, satisfying pups’ innate urge to chew and keeping them occupied for hours on end. Plus, they support mental health by keeping dogs stimulated.

Giving your dog real animal parts is a great way to channel chewing behavior. According to ASPCA, dogs sometimes direct otherwise healthy chewing behavior toward inappropriate objects—including shoes, furniture, and just about anything else they can get their paws on. Chews sourced from animals like bully sticks naturally draw their interest, keeping them away from your possessions and encouraging non-destructive chewing habits.

5. They Satisfy Natural Cravings

Real chews contain flavors and textures dogs are born to enjoy. According to Psychology Today, dogs love bones because they satisfy an evolutionary desire to chew—one that has captivated canines for thousands of years. Thanks to this age-old instinct, dogs everywhere enjoy animal-derived chews like tasty beef tendons and shin bones. Because these chews help dogs connect with their ancestral roots, your furry friend can indulge in a delicious delight that lets them embrace their wild side.

Healthy dog chews made from real animals are great for overall wellness. In addition to supporting a wholesome diet, real animal parts serve multiple functions that help our four-legged friends feel happy and comfortable. These chews are so special, some dogs will even bury bones to keep them in a safe, secure spot. The next time you’re searching for a chew your best friend will love, remember that some of the greatest treats come from nature!


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