Can Dogs Eat Liver? How to Safely Give This Treat

Treating your dog to the natural, meaty foods they crave is very tempting...and usually a great addition to their diet! We know dogs love long-lasting natural chews like beef hide and bully sticks, but can dogs eat liver? Let’s find out!

So, Can Dogs Eat Liver?

Yes, dogs can eat liver! This delicious reward is full of nutrients that your adventure buddy needs. Just like other real animal parts, liver provides an array of health benefits for dogs. In fact, it's even considered a superfood due to its great nutritional value and low calories!

Vitamin B is plentiful in this wholesome treat, which is key for a well-rounded nervous system and the formation of red blood cells, according to The School of Public Health. Plus, eating liver can help counteract iron deficiency. This positively impacts the immune system, helping fight illness and maintain healthy bodily functions, according to the Institute of Molecular Medicine.

While dogs can eat liver, you should introduce it slowly to make sure it doesn’t upset their stomach or cause an allergic reaction. If you suspect that your dog is experiencing an allergic reaction, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

The recommended serving size depends on your dog’s size. Check with your veterinarian for serving sizes based on your dog’s specific needs.

boiled chicken liver

Can Dogs Eat Raw Liver?

It is not recommended to feed a dog raw liver (or any raw meat, for that matter). While it's true dogs’ ancestors regularly consumed raw meat, modern dogs' digestive systems are more vulnerable to bacteria and infections.

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Is Beef Liver Good for Dogs?

Yes, cooked beef liver is good for dogs—in fact, it’s great! Containing high amounts of protein and amino acids, feeding your dog beef liver can help strengthen and maintain their muscles. It can also help manage obesity in dogs by regulating their metabolic rate, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Beef liver also contains copper and zinc, which support healthy skin, coat, joints, and bones. These minerals may also boost your Cadet's energy—making beef liver a perfect treat before hiking with your dog and other fun activities!

If you do cook beef liver for your dog, it should be prepared plain without any additional seasonings or ingredients. For extra nutrients, consider pairing it with healthy human foods for dogs like carrots or sweet potato. Still, these ingredients should be fed to your dog in moderation!

Can Dogs Have Chicken Liver?

Dogs can have chicken liver... and they will likely love it! The vitamin C and selenium present in chicken liver are a huge plus for dogs’ wellbeing, helping to support muscle growth and collagen development, according to Betterpet.

While it doesn’t contain as many nutrients as beef liver, chicken liver remains a highly wholesome reward filled with omega fatty acids, zinc, copper, and more! Certain dog chews like our shish kabob dog treats are crafted with chicken liver for a delicious, nutritious reward!

A Wholesome and Savory De-Liver-y!

Offering your dog some cooked chicken liver or beef liver can benefit their overall health...when done correctly! Remember to keep it unseasoned and feed a little bit at a time. Your meat-loving adventure buddy will thoroughly enjoy the flavor while getting plenty of nutrients to keep them satisfied and healthy.

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