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Cadet Smart Hide Easily Digestible Rawhide Curls

Go above and beyond for your dog's safety and happiness with Cadet Smart Hide Rawhide Curls! These veterinarian-recommended rawhide chews feature a patent-pending Easy-Digest Grid Design, which uses breakthrough technology to strategically place holes throughout the beef hide. These small holes help the chew soften faster and digest easier in dogs’ stomachs compared to standard rawhide chews. In fact, these all-natural, premium rawhide chews are more than 90% digestible! In addition to easier digestion, the grid design also features Fast-Flavor Release for the ultimate tasty satisfaction. As your dog chews, the holes create more accessible areas for extra savory flavor to discover! Better yet, these long lasting dog chews help clean teeth 

  • Easy digest rawhide is more than 90% digestible

  • Patent-pending grid design allows for easy digestion and provides tons of flavor

  • Veterinarian recommended chews are a safer alternative to traditional rawhide

  • 100% all-natural premium beef dog chews made from grass-fed, free-range cattle

  • Promotes dog dental health through mechanical chewing action

  • Long lasting rawhide keeps dogs busy and entertained



Crude Protein: Min 65%
Crude Fat: Min 0.5%
Crude Fiber: Max 5%
Moisture: 18%

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