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Cadet Stuffed Shin Bones for Dogs - Peanut Butter Flavor

Treat your dog to the meat flavors they crave with our Stuffed Shin Bone! This premium-quality dog chew bone is a real beef bone stuffed with soft and delicious peanut butter filling for the ultimate chewing satisfaction. Perfect for strong chewers, this long lasting dog chew does not chip or break apart easily. From easing stress to providing an entertaining chewing challenge, this durable dog bone is sure to keep your best friend busy while cleaning teeth and gums through mechanical chewing. Plus, this shin bone for dogs can be stuffed again with your best friend's favorite spreadable treats!

  • Premium-quality shin bone stuffed with savory peanut butter filling
  • Strong bone for dogs stands up to aggressive chewers
  • Promotes dog dental health by helping to clean teeth and gums through mechanical chewing action
  • Refill with spreadable treats for longer lasting enjoyment

Natural Beef Bone. Filling: Beef Meal, Vegetable Glycerin, Artificial Peanut Butter Flavor, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative).

Crude Protein: Min 20%
Crude Fat: Min 1%
Crude Fiber: Max 5%
Moisture: Max 15%

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